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Home Remedies for Head Lice

By Manjumodiyani @HoshiyaarChaddi
lice combMost of us have had head lice at some point of time in our life, especially during our childhood. The tiny, satanic parasites brought along not only restless itch of the scalp but also the embarrassment as our peers mocked us for having them. It’s only when your child gets head lice, that we retract in our happy bubble of nostalgia. While lice spread quickly from one person to another, they do not cause any serious disease. However in some cases of severe infestation, the affected person may become anemic.The lice treatment shampoos and lotions laced with chemicals are certainly no parent’s first choice. So how to get rid of lice you ask? That’s when home remedies come to our rescue. Try out these home remedies to get rid of lice, which is a much better option than using harsh and often flammable medications on your child’s hair. These home remedies are equally effective for adults as well.
Custard Apple SeedsHow to get rid of head liceThe custard apple seeds are by far the most effective remedy against head lice. After you have enjoyed the delicious tropical fruit, save some seeds from it. Grind the seeds in a nut or coffee grinder. Mix the powder with some water to form a thick paste and apply it onto the scalp. Put on a shower cap and let it stay overnight. Wash it off your hair the next morning. However, there is a flip side to this remedy. The interior of the custard apple seeds is poisonous. So make sure you do not accidentally ingest any powder or paste.
Garlichead lice home remediesWhile humans find garlic flavorful, the lice just don’t think it’s delicious. The strong flavor of the garlic can give the lice a run for their money. Mix some freshly made garlic paste with some lime juice, which is an excellent astringent. Apply the mix onto the scalp, don a nice shower cap, and wait for about 45 minutes. This will take care of both the adult lice as well as the nits. Wash the hair with the regular shampoo.
CamphorImage SourceCamphor is well-known for its anti-parasitic properties, making it one of the most effective remedy for getting rid of head lice. Crush a camphor tablet and mix a generous pinch of it with sufficient coconut oil. Apply this mixture to child’s scalp during bedtime and put on a shower cap. Wash the hair thoroughly using the regular shampoo the next morning. Comb through your child’s hair while they are still wet using a lice comb to get the lice and nits out. Repeat the procedure twice a week to see positive results.White VinegarImage SourceMix equal parts of vinegar and water. Spray the solution onto your child’s scalp and hair using a spray bottle. Put on a shower cap and let it stay that way all night. Shampoo their hair the next morning. Go over through the hair with a lice comb while they are still wet.Vinegar contains acetic acid, which is a very strong astringent. It can kill both live lice and eggs.
Essential OilsImage SourceEssential oils when mixed with coconut oil become an effective treatment for lice. Tea tree oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, thyme oil, neem oil, nutmeg oil etc are very effective substances. Mix about 20 drops of any of these oils that suits your child in just enough coconut oil and use it to massage your child’s scalp and hair. The oils with smother the live lice and loosen the grip of the nits holding on the hair strands. For best results, let the oil be on overnight. Shampoo the next day and comb the hair with a lice comb. Avoid using essential oils directly, i.e., without diluting them with coconut oil.Olive OilImage SourceThe olive oil is known to smother the live lice while it has a negligible effect on the nits. An overnight application with a shower cap on and shampooing the next day, followed by a combing session can get your child substantial respite from the irritation caused by the adult lice. Repeat the exercise every day for several weeks to get rid of the lice that may have come from the hatched nits.Fenugreek Seedshome remedies for liceThe tiny brown seeds are brimming with antifungal and antibacterial elements. They are a natural pesticide and in no way harmful to humans. Soak some fenugreek seeds in sufficient water for 6-8 hours. Grind them to make a smooth paste. Apply it onto your kiddo’s scalp and let it stay for about half an hour. Wash off with water laced with some vinegar.
Make sure your child or whoever is using these remedies, is not allergic to any of these ingredients. It would be extremely smart of you to do a patch test before going for a full application. Try doing the patch test on the skin at the back of the ear or back of the hand. Even though these remedies use natural ingredients, take care they do not go into the eyes during the application because it can cause severe irritation. When we say use shower caps, we mean shower caps only. Using things like a plastic bag can hinder with breathing and can lead to suffocation.
Unlike other treatment for head lice call for mayonnaise or petroleum jelly, these are the most straightforward and not-so-messy ways to exterminate them. Repeat the procedure at least twice a week to see positive results. We suppose you found this write-up useful and that you will soon find relief from the freeloading parasites that the head lice are.

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