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Home Remedies for Burns

By Manjumodiyani @HoshiyaarChaddi
How-to-Treat-Minor-Burns-HomeDo you often end up getting minor burns while cooking or handling small combustibles like lighters, matchsticks, cigarettes etc? It often happens that our mind gets too busy and we accidentally touch a hot pot of boiling soup, burn our fingertips or just bite into a piping hot slice of pizza setting our tongue on fire. Sometimes even a few drops of hot cooking oil spluttering around can give you incredibly painful little bumps on your skin.Wouldn’t it be great if the simple kitchen ingredients and the plants in your garden came to your rescue and soothe your pain? Let’s take a look at the most effective ways to treat minor burns at home.
Cold WaterHow-to-Treat-Burns-at-HomeThe first thing that comes to our mind when we get a minor burn is to hold the affected area under the cold running water. It only makes sense to do so because the cold water will help contain the damage and prevent further damage to the tissues surrounding the burn. Alternatively, you can apply a cold compress over the burn after every few hours to alleviate the soreness.
However, avoid using ice directly onto the burn. Ice could inhibit the blood circulation to the tissue and do more damage than good.
Ice CubesHow-to-Treat-Skinr-Burns-HomeWhile ice may not be a great remedy to treat burns on the skin, it works perfectly when someone burns their tongue. It is so frequent that we sip on a very hot coffee and burn our tongue. It goes without saying how hard it is to hold your blazing tongue under the running water. At such times, you can suck on a cube of ice. Hold the ice cube under running water before using it. Otherwise, it might just end up glued to your lips and tongue.
Aloe Veraaloe vera for skin burnsWhy aren’t we surprised? The therapeutic properties of aloe vera are just exceptional. Take a stem of aloe vera, cut it open and extract some gel from it. Gently rub the gel over the burned skin and you will experience a cool respite within a few seconds. Repeat the procedure every few hours for rapid healing.
Black TeaTea Bag for skin burnsThe black tea is loaded with tannic acid and antioxidants. Take a tea bag or two depending on the size of the burn, soak them wet and place them onto the burn wound. Drape a piece of gauge over the tea bags to make them stay put.
MilkMilk for treating burnsMilk is a superb way to treat a minor burn injury. Take a piece of clean cotton fabric and soak it in milk and cover the burn wound with it for about 10 minutes. Repeat the remedy every few hours to maintain the healing process. Do not forget to rinse the cloth after every application.We are sure there are tons of home remedies to treat minor burns. But these are some of the most effective ones in our opinion. Please use these remedies in case of minor burns only. If your burn wound is severe, large and deep, second degree or third degree; please see your doctor ASAP.

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