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Home Remedies for Bad Breath

By Manjumodiyani @HoshiyaarChaddi
causes of bad breathHaving a speck of spinach stuck between your teeth when you are in a social set-up is of course very embarrassing. But having a bad breath is worse. Also known as halitosis, bad breath is not a medical condition that requires urgent attention, but it certainly affects your social interactions. Needless to say, bad breath is very repellent and often considered as a sign of bad hygiene.There are a number of things that can give you a bad breath. Bad oral hygiene routine, gum diseases, kidney and liver ailments, indigestion, consuming tobacco products or odor-causing foods, etc are the major reasons behind halitosis.    Have an Applehome remedies for halitosisApple is rich in pectin, which has an ability to suppress food-related odors. Also, its fibrous texture helps cleanse your mouth. Having an apple after meals will keep your mouth clean and odor-free for quite a long time.
Chew on Fennelbad breath curePeople who have dined at Indian restaurants are well aware of this custom, where they are served fennel at the end of the meal. Fennel not only aids in digestion but also revives your breath. Its anti-microbial properties fight the halitosis causing bacteria in your mouth, thereby restraining their activity. So, chew on a teaspoonful of fennel after finishing your meals for fresher breath.
Suck on a Clovecloves for bad breathCloves have much more to offer than just giving a hint of pungency to your garam masala. Eugenol, the aromatic oil contained in the tiny spice that cloves are, is an anti-bacterial agent. All you have to do is put a clove in your mouth and bite it gently to release the aromatic oil. You might feel a tingle from the spice, so keep the clove rolling in your mouth. Continue to relish the goodness of cloves till it lasts. Spit it out when your breath feels fresh enough.
Avoid Odor-Causing Foodsfoods that cause bad breathVeggies such as onion and garlic give you a bad breath. They do make our food taste delicious. But if you are having a special occasion such as a date or an official luncheon, you would want to avoid foods that contain onion and garlic.  
Gargle OftenVitals Mouthwash GarglingApart from using the above-mentioned home remedies, maintaining a good oral hygiene routine is very important. Rinse you mouth well with cold water after every few hours. A dry mouth actually offers a perfect atmosphere for bacterial growth. So keep your mouth well hydrated by rinsing it often. You may use a good mouthwash twice a day to gargle.
Use Dental Flosswhat causes bad breathThe food particles stuck between your teeth get decayed and produce foul smell causing tour breath to stink. Flossing after every meal is a great way to get rid of these residual food particles. So just keep a flossing string handy, and spare a couple of minutes on flossing to prevent bad breath.
Use a Tongue Cleanerbad breath remediesBefore you start brushing your teeth, clean your tongue using a tongue cleaner. You might have noticed a white or yellowish layer on your tongue. It is a layer of bacteria and yeast, which synthesize proteins that render a foul smell to your breath. So gently scrape your tongue 4 to 5 times, from back to the front. Don’t forget to scrape the sides of the tongue. Proceed to brush your teeth. Following this routine will make a noticeable difference in the way your breath usually smells.
Eat Regular Mealsdry mouth treatmentEating stimulates the production of saliva. Saliva keeps your mouth hydrated and the bacteria at bay. Not eating for long intervals will cause your mouth to dry up and promote bacteria build up. So eat and drink something at regular intervals.
We hope you found this article useful and the tips simple to follow. With healthy oral hygiene habits and fragrant natural substances, you can keep your breath fresh and clean all day long.

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