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Home Depot Kids Workshops

By Nesheaholic @nesheaholic

Home Depot Kids Workshops
School is out! If you're looking for something to do with the kiddos between summer camps check out your local Home Depot Kids Workshops, THEY ARE FREE.
When you attend your first workshop your kiddo will get an apron with their name on it that they can wear to all future workshops. You'll also receive tools to borrow and a building kit for the day's project that has all the pieces and parts you need. Now, this isn't something your child will be able to do themselves. You will need to help them along. There isn't really any instruction from the Home Depot staff, but the directions in the building kit are clear enough to get the job done.
Home Depot Kids Workshops
BabyCakes had so much fun using a real hammer and screw driver to put her project together. After the project is all put together the kids can paint it however they wish. When you're done, they give each kid a certificate with their name on it and a little button for their apron with the project of the day on it, almost like a merit badge.
For our first workshop we did the Putting Green project. It's a little putting green with a small golf club and ball that she can play with. At our next session we'll be making a tow truck!
Home Depot Kids Workshops
To see if you have free Home Depot Kids Workshops at your local Home Depot go to and enter your location.
What are you doing to keep the kids busy this summer?
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Home Depot Kids WorkshopsHome Depot Kids WorkshopsHome Depot Kids Workshops

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