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Home Bargains Foldable Water Bottles Review!

By Pepper Bento

Spring is in full flow at the moment and the sun is actually shining for us in England!

So with heat in mind we also have to consider hydration!

I am terrible when it comes to drinking, on a good day I doubt I get even a liter of liquid in me!

So, to avoid spending a horrible amount on drinks at the nearest convenient corner shop or worse buying them on outings where the price is twice the RRP, we need water bottles…..

…and not just any water bottles, foldable water bottles!

I saw these water bottles in a local Home Bargains for well under £1 each and I just had to review them, the idea is great!

Home Bargains Foldable Water Bottles PK

They have a 500ml capacity and have a small clip that can go straight on your belt, very handy! Though the clip has another use I will show you shortly.

Home Bargains Foldable Water Bottles

The two designs available in my local store were both quite nice and certainly distinctive, the pink one being see through with world islands mapped out in simple white dots and the other, not see through with a wild Zebra print going on.

I’m not sure if there are more conserved designs but I do like how the clips match the designs!

Home Bargains Foldable Water Bottles Caps

So basically, these bottles are made out of a thin plastic, think something like a medical bag but funky.
The only part that isn’t flat is the cap to drink from which is much easier to pull up than a drink brought from the shop that threatens to pull your teeth out!

The whole sports cap just twists off too, so it can be filled really easily.

Home Bargains Foldable Water Bottles Roll

Now, these bottles will easily roll up enough to go into a tight pocket but I found they just spring open if they aren’t wrapped up.
It’s not a problem though because you can just use the clip to secure it in place while not being used, if this was a design feature unmentioned or not we will never know!

The package does say that the bottle is freezable which would be a great idea on really hot days though I would recommend taking the clip off before it goes in to prevent rusting.

It also says it can stand up when full, so I had to test it!

Home Bargains Foldable Water Bottles Full

Indeed they do stand up while full but full is the important word here because as soon as you start drinking they start falling, much like many on a Friday night.

Still, these are really handy and if you have somewhere free and clean to fill up from it’s all the better!
The only other down side is that these can’t be used for anything hot, which with a sports cap on kind of goes without saying unless you want to be horribly burned.

Now if only they could make a lunch box this small when empty!


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