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Home Again.

Posted on the 08 March 2013 by Jamesswezey
Home Again.My vacation in San Diego began yesterday when I flew in, and boy it feels fantastic to be back in San Diego, and I'm just not referring to the climate. I love this location, and even though it has been raining and rather cloudy it is truly wonderful to be back! Yesterday was very long, which is why I am writing this now, but it was a lot of fun. It was awesome seeing my dear friends again after so long, and the wedding party that I am a part of has a really good group of people together which makes the entire thing completely awesome. The rehearsal went well yesterday (the ceremony is today in the evening), as did the rehearsal dinner which was at this one Japanese sushi restaurant, and although I didn't have any sushi the beef teriyaki was amazing, and of course the service and company was exquisitely delightful. Afterwards the groomsmen went to this bar and cigar lounge where we chatted and had a little beer. It was a nice conclusion to a splendid evening and a very long day. I was actually quite surprised that flying out of O'Hare in Chicago was so easy. I got my boarding pass quite easily, flew through security, and had a simple time getting on board the plane. I did get stuck between two people though and was really cramped for space, but the whole point was getting to San Diego, which I did, so I suppose it was worth all of the sore muscles. Take-off went quite well, but I wanted to strangle the pilot on our landing. I don't like roller coasters, so when the plane would drop in altitude for brief seconds all of a sudden my heart leapt into my throat each time. I didn't get any motion sickness from that though, so I was quite lucky. Well I have to start getting things together for the wedding tonight, so everyone have a lovely rest of the day because I certainly shall!!

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