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Holton, Indiana: Carolyn’s Collectibles

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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Holton, Indiana: Carolyn's Collectibles

Holton, Indiana: Carolyn's Collectibles

We saw the building and the sign for Carolyn’s Collectibles in Holton, Indiana and kept driving. After all, you don’t wake up two sleeping kids, do you?

Well, you do if you are little Indiana! What you actually do is turn around, leave your hubby in the car, and sneak inside.

Holton, Indiana: Carolyn’s Collectibles

I am glad I risked waking the sleeping monsters for this one! Carolyn’s Collectibles is just crammed full of good stuff–and such a wide assortment. I don’t even know where to begin!

Antiques, furniture, dishes, primitives, vintage tools, and more are everywhere you look in this large middle of nowhere antique shop. Every nook and cranny seems to have something unique.

What I particularly enjoyed about this Ripley County antique shop is that even for all of the variety, there was a lot of variety in that variety. Huh?

I mean, I didn’t just see 5 antique decorative plates, I saw a whole wall of them! There weren’t just a handful of thimbles, there were two boxes full of them! It seemed that way for any sort of collectible item.

Indiana Antiques

Holton, Indiana: Carolyn's Collectibles

Holton, Indiana: Carolyn's Collectibles

Poking around, I saw many items that I wished I could have fit in the car.

I found a lovely 1800′s glass jar with lid that would make a great terrarium! Unfortunately, hubs and I were more than a few bucks short.

Isn’t that the first rule of little Indiana? Always carry some cash?

Instead, I snapped a bunch of pics, chatted with the owner, and kept thinking about the jar. Long story short–we drove down to the ATM. It’s pretty close, just so ya know.

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Holton, Indiana: Carolyn's Collectibles

Holton, Indiana: Carolyn's Collectibles

Carolyn’s Collectibles is one Indiana antique shop that you can’t help but step inside!

Just remember that you will need cash for this one as it is a cash-only mom and pop business. But you knew to always carry cash around little Indiana, right?

Find Carolyn’s Collectibles images and other pictures in Indiana on my Flickr photostream.

Carolyn’s Collectibles
22 N Old Michigan Road
Holton, Indiana 47023

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