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Holiday Spirit.

By Ashleylister @ashleylister

Holiday spirit. In the words of a friend of mine “we get up, stuff our faces with copious amounts of food, get pissed and go back to bed” I may not be completely merry, but it’s pretty much what I have done, amongst giggling at children’s animated movies because I can. My holiday spirit was in fact conjured on the 21st, the beginning of the pagan festival Yule where the drinking and stuffing our faces lasts for 12 days. Pretty good times if you ask me.
I recently had a “debate” with someone dear to me about the terminology used on these winter holidays. If you call it Christmas does it make you Christian? No, but we have to acknowledge that Christmas is a Christian holiday. It may have dulled in significance and not everyone rushes to church on this festival but it is. If you walked up to someone in town and asked what Christmas meant they probably wouldnt say "the birth of Christ" I hope someone understands my point? Yule is pagan. They are different. The point this person was making was that it doesn’t matter what you call the festival, it is similar and doesn’t make you religious if you call it Yule or Christmas. I disagreed.
Anyway, whatever you readers all call it I hope your holiday spirits have been high, and you’ve been merry J

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