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Holiday Preparation - Swimsuit Shopping

By Glasgow_mummy @glasgow_mummy
It's not long now until we head to Portugal for our first family holiday. I literally cannot wait - it's going to be amazing!!
However I'm feeling slightly disorganised as I haven't really given much thought to the holiday packing until now. I needed a swimsuit - it's been forever since I've been on a holiday in the sun! I decided to head to House of Fraser in the hope that they would have something suitable. I struggle to get swimsuits that are long enough as I'm pretty tall (just under 6 foot!). The sales assistant recommended I try on a Biba swimsuit and I ended up buying one! It's a gorgeous black swimsuit with gold detail on the straps. The ruched material over the tummy area makes it flattering for my mom tum. 
My bathroom scales had broken and I've only just replaced them. I stepped on the scales & was so disappointed to find that I've put on nearly a stone and I'm back where I started in Nov last year. I was doing so well and was happy with my size but then I got so busy at work and stopped going to the gym classes. I've a few weeks to get back on track and try to tone up a little before the holiday!! The one area that I'm just not happy with is my thighs. Perhaps one of these wrap things that you can get done at a spa might help as a quick fix? Has anyone tried them?
Holiday Preparation - Swimsuit Shopping

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