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Holiday Decorating Envy

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
I don't know about you, but I'm a huge decorating junkie.  I literally had to stop watching HGTV to save myself from, well, myself.  I totally enjoy picking paint colors,  fabrics, patterns, deciding furniture placement, and all the other stuff that goes along with pulling a room together.  

I love the idea of decorating for the holidays.  It's so much fun to watch a home be transformed from the norm to something festive and often fun.  As much I enjoy decorating, it can sometimes be costly, time consuming, and just plain difficult (especially if you don't have any inspiration). One of the things I try to do before I decorate is find an inspiration room.  Inspiration rooms can really help to keep you grounded and focused.  One of the biggest reasons for design failures is the lack of a vision and a clear idea of what the end result should be.   Here are a few holiday decorations I found particularly awesome. 1.  This one is so sophisticated and classy.  

Holiday Decorating Envy
Source: semacam.blogspot.com via Feyella on Pinterest
2. I love this modern and sophisticated room.  All of the pieces fit neatly together.
Holiday Decorating Envy Source: homecreat.com via Feyella on Pinterest
3. What an awesome room.  I love the playful quality of the stars and the snowflakes.
Holiday Decorating Envy Source: semacam.blogspot.com via Feyella on Pinterest
Obviously all of these rooms were designed from top to bottom with Christmas in mind, and I know none of us are about repaint our rooms or buy all new furniture every time the season changes, but we can still make some subtle (or not) changes to make our homes a little more festive. 
One of my favorites is changing the the dining room decor with a new tablecloth, centerpiece, and place settings.
Holiday Decorating Envy
What's your favorite room to decorate for the holidays?  

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