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Hockey Team Puts On Environmental Fundraiser

Posted on the 14 October 2011 by Mregina @justfundraising

Hockey Fundraising Ideas   Over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen some fantastic examples of sports fundraisers that benefit the community ( check out our post on Vermont Students Uniting for Fundraiser ) Since we’re a fundraising company that works with a lot of sports teams we wanted to pass on stories worth sharing.

Atom AA hockey players in Markham, Ontario will be putting on a tree-planting event at German Mills Settles Park in Thornhill. Susan Sigrist is the organizer of the event and although she admits that it’s different for a sports fundraiser, she’s hoping it will catch on with other teams.

 Ms. Sigrist is proud of the difference from traditional fundraisers. She says this is more of team participation instead of solitary effort, plus there are solid benefits for the environment. It also teaches the players to contribute to their team, their club and their environment. 

 “I think it’s going to be fun,” said defenseman Jordan Moseley who lives in the German Mills neighborhood near Leslie and John Street. “I really like going outside.”

 By planting the trees for the fundraiser Susan says that it will help balance the carbon footprint the team leaves behind because of the long distances the team has to travel for games. Plus the 100 trees planted consisting of serviceberry, dogwood, sumac, and elderberry are native to the area. These plants and shrubs will provide shelter, berries and nesting for the area as well as prevent erosion to the shoreline.

 The tree-planting event, set for Saturday Oct. 29, is supported by Toronto Region Conservation Authority, Don Watershed Regeneration Council (DWRC), the Town of Markham, Evergreen and the Markham Islanders Hockey Club

If the pilot project is successful, Ms Sigrist, a volunteer with the conservation authority and Don Watershed group, hopes other sports teams will sign on for similar fundraising events.

To make a pledge, call 905-832-2711.

If your sports team would like to put on a fundraiser or if you would like to fundraise for the environment contact us for more ideas.

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