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Hobby Lobby and Citizens United

Posted on the 02 April 2015 by Doggone
Citizen's United paved the way for Hobby Lobby, by declaring companies to be entitled to the protections of people, and Hobby Lobby declared the owners of a company can object, on religious grounds, to the expenditures of their company - in this case on contraceptives.
So, I have some other ideas.
I believe Caribou Coffee, which is owned by the Prince (Sultan) of Dubai, should refuse to employ anyone who eats pork, because pork is unclean.
Following the logic of the new Indiana "defense of religious freedom law", they should also be allowed to refuse to serve (and for that matter be exempt from having to employ) any woman who does not wear a burkha within sight of the store's employees.
Any company held by any aetheists (privately presumably, but if stock holders chose to vote that way, then those too), should be allowed to refuse service to anyone who wears any form of religious item into the store.  They should also be allowed to fire anyone (or at least not pay them from their "personal" funds) and so "protect" them from providing material support for a religious choice with which they don't agree and see as a fallacy, for any paycheck could at least in part, be given to a religious institution as a charitable donation.
Any business owned by Hindus should be allowed to refuse service to anyone who eats beef, and should be allowed to refuse to pay anyone who advocates or even discusses eating beef while on their premises. They should be allowed to quiz current employees to find out who is and who is not eating beef and refuse to pay anyone who may spend funds on beef.
This is fun, and far from the end of this stupid, asinine slope.  Feel free to add your own ideas of "religious protections" for business owners which are in fact nothing other than absurdly thinly veiled allowances of discriminatory practices and the use of corporate profits to sponsor political candidates the majority prefers.  Very VERY stupid and very dangerous.  Those of you who complain business runs the country and that's not good, if you voted for Republicans, you only screwed yourself, but hey, when you lose your paycheck because your personal choices "offend" the religious sensibilities of the owners, blame yourself.

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