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Hitting: Watch the Middle Infielders

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

Hitting: Watch the middle infielders

Paying attention to these two guys can
sometimes pay off big for hitters.
(Photo by Post406)

In a couple previous posts, one for shortstops and one for third basemen, I mentioned the need to adjust positioning based on the batter and what pitch was being thrown.  As a hitter though, sometimes you can notice these adjustments if the infielders make their movements too early or too obvious.  A good tip for hitters is to watch the middle infielders after the pitcher gets the sign from the catcher.  Some infielders who sees a fastball called may move a step towards the opposite field thinking the batter may be late on a fastball.  An off-speed pitch may make the infielder play the batter more to pull.  These scenarios certainly can vary depending on who is pitching and who is hitting so understand that there is never one way that it's done.  The point is, observing middle infielders can sometimes pay off big for the offensive team if one or both of those middle guys are tipping off what is being thrown.  Of course, this all depends on players being very observant to things that are oblivious to most people watching the game.  These are great things to look for if a player is a bench guy and looking for something to do.  Pay attention.  You might be surprised with what you see. 

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