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History Shows Antonio Brown Will Continue to Improve

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
History shows Antonio Brown will continue to improve
By Jeff.Hartman
History shows Antonio Brown will continue to improve
Antonio Brown is coming off of one of the finest receiving years in Steelers' history. After finishing 2nd in receptions and 2nd in yardage, history shows Brown is going to be even better in 2014.
History can tell us a lot about the future, and in Antonio Brown's case, the future is so bright he's gotta wear shades.
Some are wondering if 2013 was a sign of Brown reaching his ceiling in terms of production, but if you look at his statistics dating back to his days at Central Michigan, the complete opposite in the case.

Brown spent three season at Central Michigan, and each season, barring one where an injury occurred, Brown improved in nearly every aspect as a receiver. His first season in 2007 he caught 102 passes for 1,002 yards and 6 touchdowns. In the 2008 season, an injury had him miss a game and he was only able to catch 93 passes for 998 yards, but Brown was still able to score more touchdowns that the 2007 season with 7 scores . His final year in college was his best statistical year as he caught 110 passes, 1,198 yards receiving and 9 touchdowns.
Every year in college Brown improved, and his NFL statistics show a similar trend.
In 2011, Brown became a starter in the Steelers' offense, and his statistics show a young receiver that is still trying to "figure it out". Brown had 69 receptions for 1,108 yards and two touchdowns. In 2012, Brown was dealing with an ankle injury that held him to only 13 games, but he still caught 66 passes for 708 yards and 5 touchdowns. It was last season that saw him break out with 110 catches for 1,499 yards and six touchdowns.
Look at those statistics and you see gradual improvement until the 2013 season when Brown exploded onto the NFL scene. If history shows us something, it is that there is still more that Brown can do to be even better in 2014 and years to come. However, it shows more than just his performance. It shows that Brown's work ethic is tremendous.
For receivers to see the type of success and improvement that Brown has seen in such a short time in the league, it takes a work ethic on and off the field that is nearly unparalleled.
Obviously, Brown has that work ethic, and if he stays healthy it looks as if history is telling us the best is yet to come for No. 84.

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