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Hispanic Inventors: Hispanic Heritage Month Ideas

By Barbara Mascareno @spanish4kiddos

Hispanic inventors contributed many of their accomplishments to better the world. Whether in medicine or technology, these Hispanic inventors improved our communities in so many ways.

Of course, the Hispanic heritage provides a stepping stone to the many contributions they gave to society. For Hispanic Heritage Month, let's celebrate these figures and so many more famous Hispanic figures to remember their accomplishments.

Hispanic Inventors to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Do you want to bring cultural awareness into the classroom or homeschool group? Hispanic Heritage Month is an ideal approach to celebrate the uniqueness of Hispanic culture.

There are many lessons dedicated to famous people that contributed to society. For instance, you can create fun learning activities by using banners, matching cards, or flip-books.

Hispanic Inventors: Hispanic Heritage Month Ideas


  • Hispanic inventors flipbook or flap book free sheets
  • Spanish speaking country cut-outs
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue
      Optional: color print paper or construction paper


  1. Print the Hispanic inventors sheets on color paper, if desired.
  2. Cut along the lines leaving the tabs.
  3. Order the sheets by page number or alphabetical order.
  4. Cut the countries and set aside.
  5. Read the accomplishments of Hispanic figures.
  6. Then, identify and paste each country.
  7. Staple together the sheets with the cover.
  8. Have fun learning about Hispanic Heritage Month.

Famous Hispanic Inventors

Many Hispanic inventors contributed to medicine, technology, and everyday life.

  • For instance, from Mexico, Guillermo Gonzaléz Camarena invented an adapter for black and white television to transmit color images.
  • Second, Luis Alejandro Cavallo Caroca, from Chile, improved the design of the corkscrew or bottle opener.
  • Another Hispanic inventor is Clatonia Joaquin Dorticus, from Cuba. He improved photography developing systems to conserve water and chemicals. He also created an embossing photo machine to give photos a 3D texture.
  • Also, Julio C. Palmaz, from Argentina, invented an apparatus that improves blood circulation in humans.
  • Furthermore, Fernando Torres, from Nicaragua, improved SIM communications in mobile devices.
  • Lastly, Alejandro Zaffaroni, from Uruguay, invented a method to transfer medicine through a bandage-like device. He also created the NicoDermCQ patch and Glucotrol.

While this list is a handful of Hispanic inventors that improved our way of life, there is more to learn.

Useful Hispanic Heritage Month Resources

Besides the Hispanic inventors flipbook, you can also use other lessons. For instance, another way to incorporate learning about Hispanic Heritage Month might be by using brief biography texts that match each collaborator.

In this way, your bilingual learners get an opportunity to learn more about other historical figures. Similarly, you can add other activities like bingo games to learn about each historical figure and country of origin.

You could also add videos or short films discussing each Hispanic inventor accomplishments.

In summary, Hispanic inventors can be an additional part of your Hispanic Heritage Month lesson. Learning about each historical figure and contribution to society can broaden your bilingual students' perspective of culture.

Hispanic Inventors: Hispanic Heritage Month Ideas
Hispanic Inventors: Hispanic Heritage Month Ideas

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