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His Dad Does Not Help Financially – A Mothers Dilemma

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
ID 10069803 1 His Dad Does Not Help Financially   A Mothers Dilemma

His Dad Does Not Help Financially – A Mothers Dilemma

Why do I get the blame for everything from my 6 year old son? I’ve been trying to talk to him regarding football shoes. I said maybe we could ask daddy as I have to spend lots and lots of money on shoes, trainer’s, school uniform, a new coat and everything else he needs right now.

He cried and cried and said “but daddy won’t, he keeps saying ‘next time’ when I ask him to fix my TV it’s always another time”.

Now he’s calmed down he’s angry with me saying ‘well you didn’t write a list like daddy asked’ – his dads excuse instead of saying no is to tell our son to tell me to write out a list of things our son needs. Everything’s my fault. I need to go out today to buy school shoes but can’t with him in this mood.

Supermums Advice

My response to the question received from a mother on my Facebook group is it’s about time that your son’s father began to contribute towards the financial aspects to raising your son.

Just because you are no longer together does not give him the right to place all responsibility upon you.

He needs to contribute, fair and square.

I do think writing a list of “items” that your son needs is a great idea and you can half this list between the two of you or compromise and go halves on needed items.

If you are on good speaking terms I advise that you sit down and explain to your ex that you are struggling to meet the needs of your child and you need his help. Do not think for one minute by asking for your ex’s help that you are failing your child in any way. You both have shared responsibility.

What advice would you give to this mum?

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