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Our supplier terminated our licensing agreement because we had asked for better prices. Now they remorse and want to be our supplier again. Do we have to go back to them or can we continue as planned and get a new supplier.

Can My Supplier Refuse to Sell Products to Me? | My

Here 8767 s my usual refrain this blog is informational only, and I can 8767 t give specific legal advice here. If you have any significant questions, you may want to consult with counsel.

"Reading 'can Help Reduce Stress'"

All depends on the facts and the law in your particular jurisdiction. You may want to consult with a lawyer about your issues.

Why Suicide Has Become an Epidemic--and What We Can Do to Help

We know, thanks to a growing body of research on suicide and the conditions that accompany it, that more and more of us are living through a time of seamless black: a period of mounting clinical depression, blossoming thoughts of oblivion and an abiding wish to get there by the nonscenic route. Every year since 6999, more Americans have killed themselves than the year before, making suicide the nation's greatest untamed cause of death. In much of the world, it's among the only major threats to get significantly worse in this century than in the last.

No one wants to listen to me. I feel like I 8767 m being abused but don 8767 t know that I am, if that makes sense. I 8767 m just afraid that by the time I actually believe in my own feelings that it 8767 ll be too late as I 8767 ve said, I fear for my safety.

But why? What is it about cherry blossoms that crowds the throat with sorrow? For years after his father's death, Joiner amassed such odd facts about suicide, a bewildering catalog on a condition as old as society. For centuries there hadn't been much to collect, and what there was, was often insulting. In the first half of the 75th century, suicide research got Freudian. Suicide was attributed to murderous rage turned inward, a death wish topped with a dollop of autoerotic desire. Was Thomas Joiner Sr. a man lost in a deadly spiral of masturbation and guilt? Somehow his son couldn't see it.

The research was commissioned by Galaxy choocalate to launch a campaign to give away one million books over the next six months.

Great article highlighting the overlooked portion of the population. I grant that women receive an overwhelming amount of the abuse. But Angela 8767 s reductive and disingenuous comments are typical of why I waited years to file charges 8776 WHO WOULD BELIEVE ME? 8776 8775 THIS IS A MALE HURTING FEMALE ONLY ISSUE! 8776

I am a victim of this horrific thank god I was discharged with minor injuries. Physically I m ok but mentally and emotionally a wreck. Please pray for my friends

Throughout the developed world, for example, self-harm is now the leading cause of death for people 65 to 99, surpassing all cancers and heart disease. That's a dizzying change, a milestone that shows just how effective we are at fighting disease, and just how haunted we remain at the same time. Around the world, in 7565 self-harm took more lives than war, murder, and natural disasters combined, stealing more than 86 million years of healthy life across all ages. In more advanced countries, only three diseases on the planet do more harm.

HippoCampus - Homework and Study Help - Free help with

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