Himalayan Gastronomy: Your Guide to the Best Food, Drinks, and Elixirs from the Indian Himalayas

Posted on the 31 October 2023 by Deepak Sharma

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The Himalayas in India are well known for their magnificent scenery and solitude. But this region’s varied and delicious food is just one of many equally fascinating aspects that can be found beyond the snow-capped peaks and verdant valleys. A culinary journey unlike any other may be had in the Himalayas, from the low foothills to the high mountain passes. We’ll look at some unique foods, drinks, and cuisines in this article that any traveler visiting the Indian Himalayas should definitely try.


Himachali Dhaam

Let us commence our culinary exploration of Himachal Pradesh with the customary feast referred to as “Dham.” This vibrant buffet of vegetarian fare is offered during festivals and special events. Dishes like Chana Madra, Dhaam Ki Khichdi, and Babru will be delivered to you; they’re all seasoned with flavorful spices and topped with a hefty portion of ghee. Remember to sample the renowned Himachali Chana Madra, a delicious delicacy made with creamy yogurt.

Tibetan Momos

Tibetan food is available as you venture farther north to locations like Dharamshala and McLeod Ganj. Here, momos are a mainstay. These delicious dumplings are a must-try. They are typically filled with meat or veggies and served with a hot chili sauce. Enjoy these with a cup of butter tea for a real taste of the Himalayas.

Ladakhi Cuisine

Ladakh’s high-altitude desert topography provides a one-of-a-kind cuisine experience. Tsampa, toasted barley flour eaten with butter tea, or Thukpa, a substantial noodle soup. Another specialty are the Ladakhi Momos, which differ from their Tibetan counterparts in flavor and are inspired by local spices.

Garhwali and Kumaoni Delights

The cuisine of Uttarakhand’s Garhwal and Kumaon areas reflects the region’s natural riches. Try Aloo Ke Gutke, a spicy potato recipe, or Bhang Ki Chutney, made from hemp seeds. Mandua Ki Roti, the local millet bread, is also a must-try.

Kashmiri Wazwan

Kashmir is well-known for its spectacular beauty as well as its exquisite Wazwan cuisine. Rogan Josh, Gustaba, and Yakhni are all flavorful dishes with aromatic spices. Phirni, a sweet pleasure, will round out your meal.

Sikkim’s Thukpa and Phagshapa

Sikkim, located in the Eastern Himalayas, has a distinct flavor profile. Local favorites include Thukpa, a noodle soup, and Phagshapa, a meal comprised of sliced hog fat and radish. Momos are also popular, and are frequently served with a hot chili sauce.

Wild Berries and Nettle Soup

As you travel deeper into the Himalayas, you’ll come across an abundance of wild berries such as seabuckthorn, raspberries, and blueberries. These can be eaten raw or used to make preserves and jams. Try the classic nettle soup, which is both nourishing and rejuvenating.


Himachal Pradesh’s Manali Brewing Company: This microbrewery, located in the center of Manali, provides a variety of artisan beers that match the alpine ambiance wonderfully. From basic wheat beers to zesty IPAs, you may sample some of the Himalayas’ best brews.

Himachal Pradesh Craft Beers: In addition to Manali Brewing Company, Himachal Pradesh has a thriving craft beer culture. Local breweries can be found in several places, each with its own unique blend of beers, frequently flavored with Himalayan flavors such as apricots and apples.

Darjeeling Tea farms: While not technically a brewery, Darjeeling’s tea farms produce some of the world’s best teas. Take a tour of these estates, smell the fresh tea leaves, and sip a hot cup of Darjeeling tea in its natural habitat.

Special Drinks and Elixirs

Butter Tea: Butter tea is a savory and substantial beverage made with tea leaves, yak butter, and salt that is popular in Ladakh, Sikkim, and Bhutan. It is not only delicious, but it also helps to keep the cold at high elevations at bay.

Chang: Chang is a fermented barley or rice beer found in Ladakh. It’s a must-try for those wishing to sample the region’s authentic flavors. Chang is frequently consumed at festivals and other events.

Arak: Arak, Bhutan’s traditional spirit, is created from fermented fruit pulp and distilled grains. It is revered for its medicinal properties and serves as a symbol of Bhutanese hospitality. Be prepared for a powerful kick!

Rhododendron drink: Rhododendron blossoms, found in the Himalayas, are utilized to make a unique and delicious drink. This fragrant drink is ideal for soothing thirst on lengthy excursions.

The Indian Himalayas offer not just a visual and culinary feast but also a liquid journey that will leave your palate delighted. From craft beers in Himachal Pradesh to traditional brews in Ladakh, and special elixirs like butter tea and Arak, the Himalayas have a lot to offer in terms of unique and flavorful beverages. As you plan your next adventure to this enchanting region, make sure to include these must-try drinks and brews on your list. Your trip will be truly incomplete without them!

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