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Him <3

By Michiemichiee
This year has truly been the most amazing year for me, especially since I met him. We met at our salsa class early this year.  After our salsa class, we ended up casually practicing what we learned. I remember vividly that he was wearing these funny looking shorts and a t – shirt, and he has this big mass of curly black hair. My first impression of him was that he seems cool. We had a disagreement when we first met over the direction to turn when doing the Copa, which we laugh about it now. Our first date shortly after that was in his opinion, an utter disaster. To be honest, I can’t remember what happened. Fortunately, our paths crossed again a couple of months later. This time, it was different. I gave it a chance and I’m so glad I did. We have been dating ever since.
He’s the only child in his family. He is very family – oriented and is especially close with his mom. His mom brought him up well, I could tell. He loves to travel and has traveled to America. Our earliest conversation involves stories of his experience in America. It makes him happy; it shows in the excitement in his eyes when he talks about it. He would proudly share the photos he took while he was in America and the places and food he experienced. 
Speaking of photos, he prefers to be the one taking the photos rather than being in the photos. His Facebook does not even have a single photo of him smiling for the camera. I would love to have a photo of him someday, because I think he’s absolutely handsome and I want to remember just how handsome he is. In future, I will definitely treasure any photos of him because I know it would be so rare.
He has beautiful black curly hair that tends to stay the same in any weather. It's rather attractive, although I want his hair since I detest my flat straight hair. I especially love running my hands through his beautiful hair. His fashion sense is like Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother, it suits him really well. 
He loves to be challenged and wants his mind to be stimulated especially in his job. He’s really smart, and pretty much good in most things. He is hard working too, when he has work to do, he would dedicate a few hours just to do the work with minimal distractions. I admire that about him because I’m not like that. 
His favorite color is blue, but he doesn’t love it as much as I love purple. He’s also a very interesting person to talk to. I love it when he talks about things he is passionate about. I love our intellectual and funny conversations. I also love our childish conversations about anything and everything, despite him being a few years older than me; I don’t notice the age difference anymore. 
He’s funny, I mean really funny. He loves joking around, and doing some weird random accent or voice, which cheers me up when I’m sad. I find it cute, sometimes annoying. He’s weird too, in a good way. I enjoy being weird together with him. He’s very laidback and carefree. He doesn’t take life too seriously which is what I love about him. I get shy around him sometimes, he’s just so amazing. But I love seeing him smile when I say something weird, retarded or amusing. He has the most beautiful smile. A smile that just makes me melt inside every time. When he smiles, he looks younger and so good looking.
He kisses me, everywhere; on the mouth, cheeks, hands; at the most random time. I love holding his hands; he has strong arms which makes me feel safe around him. He loves to cook too. I am not kidding when I say; he’s the BEST cook I know. He cooks the best dishes ever. I could eat his cooking everyday for the rest of my life, that’s how good it is. I feel lucky whenever he cooks for me, because it makes me happy. I love seeing him happy too because his happiness is my happiness, I truly believe in this saying.
He texts me everyday even when he’s busy or when I’m busy just to show he’s thinking of me. He calls me most nights too, just to ask how my day was. He hates it when I get sad over something. When I’m sad, he’s sad. He is really good at resolving conflicts. He is very sensible, whereas I am highly emotional. He keeps me grounded. We do disagree on things because we both have our own opinions. We respect each other and come out a little stronger every time. He listens to me even when I don’t make any sense.
I love his character and personality. I love his patience, during my good and bad days. I love him for who he is, and for who he wants to be, even if he has no idea who he wants to be yet. I love our friendship and companionship. I love spending time with him. I love just chilling and having a laugh with him. I love how comfortable I feel when in his presence. When I don’t see him, I really miss him and his company. I cannot imagine life without him now. I’m so glad I decided to give it a try because he really surprised me. He’s my better half. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me this year. And I can’t wait to see where this leads to, because whatever happens, I don’t regret it at all. 
<3 Michelle L

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