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Hillary’s Weird Eyeballs

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

This morning’s Drudge Report has a weird pic of Hillary Clinton above the featured story of Hillary Clinton’s appearance on last night’s ABC Jimmy Kimmel late-night talk show. Here’s a screenshot I took of Drudge:

Drudge Report March 25, 2016

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, Hillary promised that, barring any national security risk, if elected president she would open to the public the government’s files on the mysterious Area 51 in the Nevadan desert. There have been persistent rumors that Area 51, a U.S. Air Force facility the existence of which has only recently be acknowledged by the government, is the site of an UFO crash in the mid-1950s.

Although Drudge Report does not credit the source of the Hillary pic, Matt Drudge is not known to post photocopied pictures. Thus, we can assume that the photo of Hillary has not been altered.

Take a good look at her eyeballs. Note the strange color (chartreuse!) of her irises, and shape of her pupils.

Hillary's weird eyeballs

Her eyes look like those of a lizard . . . or of a fictional dragon named Smaug, as envisioned in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Note Smaug’s oddly-shaped pupils.

Hillary's weird Smaug eyeballs

Our eyes are windows into our souls.

Here are Hillary’s eyes again, without the faux smile:


They look mad, insane.

Or, as FOTM reader Steven Broiles observes, possessed.


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