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Hillary Inoculated By FBI Questioning

Posted on the 05 July 2016 by Eowyn @DrEowyn


medical: to give (a person or animal) a weakened form of a disease in order to prevent infection by the disease

The Clintons are masters at the use of political inoculation

Bill used it to stave off attacks on his behavior with women, his dabbling with marijuana, and Hillary’s attempted Healthcare legislation. And most spectacular of all… To remain in office even after becoming the first American president ever successfully impeached! (no small feat)

Today we see another case of political inoculation

Tough questioning of Mrs. Clinton by the dreaded FBI has ended in a decision by the FBI not to persue charges.

STRATEGY: To blunt the effectiveness of Donald Trump’s inevitable thundering attacks on her long history of corruption. Hillary will point to the fact that she has faced the most rigorous examination by the nation’s top law enforcement agency, and been exonerated.

But wait! There’s something Hillary wants you to forget

Hillary Clinton has the FBI by the short hairs:
White House FBI Files Controversy 

Research this for yourself. From 1993-94 Hillary Clinton used the FBI as her personal spy agency to gather all possible dirt on potential political opponents.

What does that mean today? It’s very simple. Now that the FBI is adequately corrupted, Clinton and FBI leadership have enough dirt on each other that if one falls, so do the others. They are now required to cover each others’ backs. This is also the reason Obama is “all in” with Hillary. He knows that if she falls, he also falls.

Make no mistake, these are savage, ruthless political animals. Any news reporter who dares to dig more deeply into the real reason for the Benghazi coverup had better be well armed and heavily guarded by people whose loyalty is not for sale.

One More Thing

Tell Hillary that Trump is coming, followed and empowered by the vast majority of American voters who will not pay attention to lying pollsters. We never expected Hillary to be tried by Washington insiders. Her day of reckoning is in November, when the voters speak. Hillary, that is your D-Day.

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