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Hillary Clinton FULL Press Conference On E-Mail Scandal (3-10-15)

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Her first comments are about gender equality and the meeting hosted by the United Nations.  She then goes on to speak about women’s equal rights and that there has never been a time in history as now to have been born a female.  I’d like her to tell that to all the Muslim women and little girls around the world.  The United Nations upholds the moon god religion of Islam where female children are mutilated and women and worse than second class citizens.  What an affront to all of us who know Hillary!

Next, she goes into all these questions about her emails and claims she did nothing at all wrong.  Watch her closely as she seems to hesitate from time to time.  I believe she’s lying through her teeth just as she did about Benghazi.

I went to high school with this woman.  She was a year behind me, and we both lived in the Village of Park Ridge.  (Remember her book, “It Takes a Village?”)

She was a brilliant student, and a Constitutional conservative at the time, and a Goldwater girl with me in 1963-1964.  That doesn’t mean I liked her, but it does mean she was “one of us” at the time.

Then along came youth Pastor Don Jones in the Park Ridge Methodist Church where Hillary attended.  Jones was a Saul Alinsky student and basically changed a good number of youth before he left the Park Ridge church.  Hillary was one of them.  Up until Jones’ death a few years back, he would occasionally travel with Hillary as her spiritual advisor.  Remember too, Hillary was a member of “The Fellowship,” or “The Family,” in DC.  In the series on Enemies on the Left, Part 10 discusses Jim DeMint’s membership in “The Family.”

I believe Hillary is a full fledged communist, and she is a foul mouthed evil woman.  Want more information?  Get Ed Klein’s book, “Blood Feud,” all about how the Clinton’s and Obama’s hate each other.  Barbara Olsen’s book, “Hell to Pay,” about Hillary is also excellent.  Barbara and I spoke on the phone several times.  She was killed in the Pentagon plane crash.

hill and jeb

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