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Highlight Hollywood Highlights Alexander Skarsgård

Posted on the 09 January 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Highlight Hollywood Highlights Alexander SkarsgårdAs you know, Alexander Skarsgård is featured in August Man Magazine. Highlight Hollywood got a sneak peek at the interview in this issue!

WARNING: There is a slight spoiler in this article – please read at your own risk!

Highlight Hollywood Highlights Alexander SkarsgårdHere are portions of this interview!

When asked about his relationship with his famous father (Stellan) Skarsgard, the handsome Swede said, “We’re more like brothers than father and son. We hang out. I’ll take him out with my buddies in LA or in Stockholm and it’s never awkward or anything. He’s 60 but he likes to party.”

…on fame, “It freaked me out to be talked about in magazines or on television. It made me feel insecure and nervous.”

On the fact that everyone wants him to fill roles similar to that of his “True Blood” character Eric Northman. “Everyone wants me to play Eric Northman in a movie with a different name, basically; strong, tough, else the male parts. That’s fun to do, but you want to balance that out.”

…on being true to Alex/himself first. “It’s really hard to find the right balance, and the only way to do it is to be the guy you are, and never forget where you come from.”

He’s busy now filming “True Blood,” and my sources on the set of the hit vampire show say, “If Alex and Eric had fans before season five, they’d better be prepared. Everything changes, and for the better. He’s very popular here at the show, not just by viewers of the series, Tommy.”


We’ve highlighted the spoiler in red

Wonder what this source means by, “Everything changes, and for the better?” Does this mean Eric and Sookie are together or are they apart? They did mention Alex and Eric fans better be prepared…but for what? If it’s for the better, than it’s something we will like, right?

I can’t imagine what any of this means…can you?

What do you think? Share your thoughts and speculations below!


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