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High Times

By Cleskowitz @cleskowitz
High Times
We never know where our journey will lead us.  That's one of the most beautiful things about being open to whatever.  On my journey from fashion to interiors, incorporating coaching along the way, I now find myself helping my husband in his new business venture (as if I am not busy enough).  My gastroenterologist husband is now a certifying medical marijuana physician.  I have been helping him, in as much as I can.  Like  anything new,  I had to educate myself on all of this, or reeducate myself as the case may be, since I am approaching it now from a different perspective.
I am absolutely convinced that within 5 years, this will become so mainstream we'll wonder what all the fuss was  about.  I am not saying there aren't serious questions that arise and need to be investigated.  I cannot predict the future, but I do know once you open Pandora's box, there is no going back.  It is so new to Pennsylvania, we look to other states to see where it is going and how businesses are embracing it.
The relief is real so it would be an obvious choice for the wellness community to embrace it with open arms.  It is being incorporated in all kinds of ways.  Massage therapists incorporate oils and tinctures into a massage.  If you have not heard of the food industry jumping on the bandwagon in a big way, you soon will.  I'm not talking about gummy bears and chocolate brownies either.  High end caterers and chefs are creating recipes that include cannabis as the ingredient du jour.

High Times

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Veterinarians have been prescribing cannabis for animals with much success for some time, helping with everything from separation anxiety to joint issues.  Marijuana is moving from the recreational, depending on your state, and medicinal into the spiritual realm.  Yogis are incorporating it into their yoga practice as a means to become more deeply relaxed and enable practitioners to attain enlightenment, the ultimate goal of yoga.

High Times

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I am not even necessarily talking about getting high.  There are salves, lotions, drops, oils and who knows what else that helps with our aches and pains.  These products do not have the THC properties.  Again, this is on a state by state basis.  THC is where the high comes from.  CBD is a component of cannabis and does not get you high.  There is however, a mind body property that is a nice component of cannabis that relaxes one without the mind altering effect.
High Times

Terpene or terpenoid profiles give cannabis its scent, like an essential oil.   We now need to think outside the box.  So, when you think in terms of aromatherapy oils, and experimenting with scent it opens a whole other way to think about cannibis.   How else can we use it, in what other products?  The home sector is an obvious next step!  I have no idea where this will all lead, but mark my words, whether you agree or disagree, marijuana is becoming mainstream and we have no idea where it will all lead.
It is a sustainable green industry, no pun intended, that continues to become more refined as it grows (I keep doing it, don't I)?
High Times

This is like the wild west ~ the future is unknown.  I find that terribly exciting.  Whatever your view, pro or con, business is booming!  Baby boomers are one of the biggest demographics to acknowledge the benefits of medicinal marijuana as we all look for pain relief from the natural ravages of time and illness.  With addiction out of control, the days of overprescribing opioids are coming to an end!  We need alternatives.  This is one and it's  here and here to stay.

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