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High-Tech Gadgets Create an Entertaining and Beautiful Swimming Pool Area

Posted on the 20 February 2014 by Techdrink @techdrink1

Tired of playing Marco Polo? Find a new way to lure the entire family out to spend some quality time in the pool. Add these nifty tech gadgets to your outdoor area, and you will not only enjoy a cleaner pool, but also a more entertaining atmosphere.

Deck Jets and Water Features

For an elegant flair, many homeowners add deck jets to their pools. Jets produce a stream of water that looks as if it is magically sprouting out of the deck, arching into the air, and falling into the pool. The sound of water is relaxing to most adults, and kids love to play fountain of water. Deck jets aren’t the only water feature that you can add. According to the Master Pools Guild, there are also rain curtains, rain walls and waterfalls. Prices vary by contractor and feature.

High-Tech Gadgets Create an Entertaining and Beautiful Swimming Pool Area

Photo by CarbonNYC via Flickr

Solar Covers

Covers prevent pool water from evaporating, and they help reduce heating costs, too. In fact, covers are one of the most effective ways to make your pool more energy efficient—you can save approximately 50 to 70 percent on heating costs, according to A new type of high-tech cover called a bubble or solar cover can be found at For around $20, the Solar Sun Rings cover will harness the power of the sun to keep your pool warm and beautiful.

Rock Speakers

Rock speakers give you great sound, without distracting from the nature around your pool. The Granite Wireless Rock Speaker Bundle costs around $150, and it features weather-resistant speakers. Connect your home stereo system, iPod,or any other device to these rocks, and get the party started.

Inflatable Movie Screen

Instead of music, why don’t you listen to a movie over your rock speakers while watching it on an inflatable movie screen? The 12.5′ inflatable movie screen from Target costs about $170, can be set up easily and is resistant enough to handle a few splashes. Simply pair it with a projector and your favorite movie, and you are ready for movie night at the pool. May we suggest “Splash” as the first movie?

High-Tech Gadgets Create an Entertaining and Beautiful Swimming Pool Area

Photo by plural via Flickr

Uniflame Outdoor Fire Pit

Sold at Home Depot for $829, this gorgeous fire pit integrates the classic look of tile and slate with a modern gas flame. The perfect way to bring fire and warmth to your pool deck, this fire pit doesn’t rely on you to collect wood and start a fire. Instead, you can control it with an electric ignition through the control panel.

Pool Doctor App

With the Pool Doctor app, you can easily calculate the volume of your pool, regardless of how strange its shape is. Then, you can test the quality of the water. After crunching those two figures together, the app will give you detailed advice on how to treat your pool. If the customized treatment plan isn’t enough, you can contact live support through the app’s ‘ask the doctor’ feature. This free app will keep your pool looking great and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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