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High Heels All Day

By Sedulia @Sedulia

It's almost the end of the sales (they go till Tuesday 12 February I believe) and I trawled through the grands magasin looking for the perfect pair of shoes. To my astonishment, I did find them! The perfect pair of black high heels, not too expensive, in my size, and remarkably comfortable for a pair of high heels. And they even stayed on my feet! I can't tell you how long I'd been looking for such a pair-- more than a year, at least. I felt comblée and started babbling to the pretty salesgirl. 

"I have the same shoes," she said, pulling up her trouser legs, "and I wear them all day long. I can tell you that I run around in them pas mal, even going up and down the stairs, and they're quite comfortable."

"All the same," I said doubtfully, "it can't be good for your feet to wear high heels all day."

"On est obligée," she said. "We have to be fashionable. You should see the shoes the supervisors wear! Heels like that!" And she held her fingers five inches apart. "It's a wonder they can walk after an hour or two!"

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