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High Efficiency Condensing Combi for Crawley Sussex – Atmos InterCombi HE32

By Futli @futlim

www.amtechnica.com This video is in two parts. The first shows an Atmos InterCombi after 10 years in use, unserviced – and still running fine! Just needs a brush-down and it will continue working great. To the heating engineers viewing this, that’s impressive! The second part is reproduced from Atmos [hope you don't mind...] and shows the boiler inside, and how it is made. It has far fewer moving parts than other Combination boilers – combis – and hence is very reliable. Manufactured since 1994 with little change, it has proved its worth. The Plumber for Crawley and Horsham would be delighted to come and visit you to discuss fitting one in your home… 01293 53 53 55! http
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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