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Posted on the 05 July 2016 by Mike Lindley @fruitbatwalton

HICARIA young Liverpool band catching the imagination right now is HICARI (which means 'Light' in Japanese) the multi-cultural 5-piece synth-pop band who are based in Liverpool and influenced by the likes of CHVRCHES, The 1975 and St Lucia

Whilst HICARI also lean heavily on 80's electro influences as a foundation for their bouncy, synthy sound they're very much of the moment and that's evident in their debut release Catch Fire which is due for release in early August. Needless to say Ralph will be giving it a spin on the Radio KC Indie Show, so listen in on Sunday 17th of July and check it out.

HICARI features the combined musical talents of Shayaan Oshidar (Lead Vocal), Ryan Bickley (Lead Vocal & Keyboard), Tatsuhiko Saiki (Guitar & Keyboard), Erlend Hellevik Bass) and William Brown (Drums). You can catch these bright young things live at the Liverpool International Mersey Festival on July 24th.
With Catch Fire as a strong pop-esque debut, it'll be interesting to see how they develop their sound in the months to come, maybe steering more away from the 'light' and more interestingly, exploring their darker side. In the meantime check out Consumed

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