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Hey Lyn

Posted on the 05 April 2011 by Pelski
Hey LynBerlin's famed techno supremo Thomas Schumacher is kindly handing out his original version of 'Hey Lyn' - the remix of which appears as the opening track oh his latest EP on Noir Music.
The original's a slow-burning techno affair, a pitter-patter of gulping kicks gently emerging from some deep, murky sub-aquatic sonics. Throughout it's epic 11 minute duration, its restrained beats barely poke their heads head up above the submerged soundscape, simply bopping amidst a sea of tinkling sound. The fizzing of white noise and a glitchy vocal loop raise the whole thing into more clamorous terrain towards the end, briefly, before sinking back into its moody, aquatic beginnings:
Thomas Schumacher - Hey Lyn [pelski highly recommends] {buy}
Be sure to buy the whole Hey Lyn release here.

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