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Hey Coaches, Show Some Hustle

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard


It doesn't take much effort to jog out to this spot

It doesn’t take much effort to jog out to this spot

I don’t think there is a baseball coach on the planet who would say they didn’t care if their players hustled.  But how many of those coaches show some hustle of their own?  Sadly, I don’t see much.  I get sick to my stomach when I see young players walk onto a baseball field.  I feel the same way when some coaches walk too.

Next time you watch a major league game on TV or in person, pay attention to the first and third base coaches.  You’ll probably notice that they almost never walk to their spots in the coaching boxes.  Some may but in all honesty, I’ve never seen one walk.  Just like players, they jog onto the field. Of course, if they were not physically fit enough to run out there, they probably would not be first or third base coaches at that level to begin with.    

If you coach at any level and wish to gain some additional respect from your players then start jogging out to your spot on the field.  If you are not physically fit to do so or have a disability then that’s one thing.  Being able to and choosing not to is quite another.

If a head coach or pitching coach walks onto a field to check on a pitcher or take him out, that’s ok in my book.  There’s a good reason for it.  Often their slow walk gives the pitcher a breather and maybe the relief pitcher more time to warmup in the bullpen.  I’m mainly talking about the first and third base coaches.

Add some instant professionalism and class to your team by demanding hustle from your players but don’t forget to demand it from yourself and some of the other coaches as well.  

Your players are watching.

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