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Hero Dog Saves Foster Guardian’s Life

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Here’s your feel-good heart-warming story of the day.

Some dogs have such a big noble heart, they just can’t help being an angel.

Penny Eims reports for, July 13, 2013, that Cloe saved a human’s life — even though the human wasn’t her owner, but a temporary guardian who was fostering the mixed breed dog for the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.

CloeWPXI News reports that on July 3, Cloe’s foster handler, Chuck Weintraud was working in his yard, and collapsed.

Cloe ran across the street, looking for help and she found it at the home of Michael Brock, who lives nearby. Brock describes what happened after he put a leash on the dog who barked to gain his attention:

“The dog crossed the street and sat down. I followed her and it happened another four times coming up to his driveway,”

Brock, along with another neighbor who happens to be a nurse, found Weintraud in his yard, unresponsive and not breathing.

Thanks to Cloe’s quick action, Weintraud received life-saving care in time, and today, he is here to share the remarkable story about how he was saved.

Cloe’s foster family is waiting to find her a perfect home.


I was sniffing while reading the story, until I got to the end.

You mean, after Cloe had saved his life, Chuck Weintraud hasn’t adopted this amazing dog?


I hope and trust that Western Pennsylvania Humane Society is inundated with offers to adopt this noble dog.



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