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Herman Park Adventure

By Elunstroth @emgeorgia
Herman park adventure I may have mentioned this before, but my parents have this thing for taking in exchange students.  Last year we had Hans, who was German but from Chile.  And for half of this year we have Paul (on the left)...or should I say Prince Harrys lookalike.  I had never really thought about it until I posted this picture on instagram and Lauren pointed it out...and then many more people did and then texts came flowing in "umm you did not mention how cute he was!" my response was he is 17 and going back to France in a month hah!  But he is a sweetheart and it was fun spending time with him when I was home.  Herman park adventure We went to Herman Park for a picnic and some MoTown... Herman park adventure  Jack (my real little brother) looks just thrilled to be with us.  Herman park adventure Herman Park is probably one of my favorite places in Houston. 

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