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Here’s Why We Hate Waking Up in the Morning

Posted on the 18 March 2015 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

Waking up sucks. No matter how early you go to bed or how smart your alarm is, most of us just hate getting out of bed in the morning. Then there are some annoying people who just loves waking up so early in the morning. What is up with those people and why can't we just jump out of bed and get to work without having to hit the snooze button so many times? The latest episode of Discovery's "Here's Why" explains the science behind this dilemma.

As it turns out, we are not alone. This thing called " Sleep Inertia " happens to 70% of the population on earth and also it's not our fault that we hate waking up. Yaay. It's the sleep cycle that is to blame.

Sleep comes to us in four stages. Stage 1 is going from being wake to light sleep. Stage 2 is where brain produces some activity called sleep spindles that helps the heart rate slow down. Stage 3 is slow-wave sleep or delta sleep where brain activity comes in delta waves. Stage 4 is rem sleep where we get to dreams and stuff. Once these stages are complete and reach the end of stage 4, we go back to stage 2 and then to stage 3 and 4. This goes on a loop for 4-5 times until we wake up.

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However, when this cycle is interrupted at stage 3, say from the annoying sound of the alarm, that when we wake up to feel like the worst in the morning. Best way to feel better in the morning is to get in contact with sun light. And with a little bit of practice you will get used to it.

[Source: Discovery News / Photo: Flickr - Bark]
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