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Here's What I'm Going to Do

By Hollyshaun0528 @TwinglesMom42
No, we haven't gotten the car situation all figured out yet. But we did get it towed to the shop and we have learned that the total cost is looking to be in the $3000-$3500 range. The bank has told us that they should get back to us tomorrow regarding the loan for the repairs.
Work is...well...a lot of work. Stressed is a tad bit of an understatement.
And I think my laundry pile is about to reach the moon.
But right now, I'm not going to think about all of that.
I'm going to get off of the internet.
I'm going to go downstairs.
I'm going to crack open a fresh bottle.
Then I'm going to plop down on my couch and turn on comedy central.
I don't know how long I'll stay there, but I promise you that I will not even flinch when that buzzer goes off on the dryer.
Here's What I'm Going to Do

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