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Her Love Makes Me Superman….. Happy Valentines Day!

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017



My Dearest Lois…

Valentines day is so precious not because of the love the world is pointed to, but because of the feeling it is to love you so deeply as I do. I know I tell you every day in every dance, and every kiss.  There is so much love that I have still to give to you that brings me inside life. I can only show you beyond these words, beyond the love I have in me.  It has created a journey in me that goes beyond any extension that I can make sure you feel.  It is as though I can see nothing but love because of the love I have for you.

It gives me strength, it gives me passion, and it gives me flight.  I always love dancing with you in space.  The stars are our candles and it is there that we make the most beautiful love ever known.  It is with all of this that these tears flow of happiness that creates the rain that comes to this earth.  You are always my reason for standing in the thunderstorms that come.  You allowed me to see the rain as it is perfectly.  The tears of all things love.   It is amazing that as each year we have shared, every season becomes my favorite because of the way you have allowed me to see them inside a love that is beyond the truth.  It is real and it is magical with each and every moment.

You have brought such joy to the places inside of me that stayed in the dark..

You have brought such joy to the places inside of me that stayed in fear…

You have brought such joy to the places inside of me that stayed cold…

I don’t ever remember what I thought love was before now.  Because of the love that has gone to such places in me that have brought to me the strongest places inside of me to the surface.  I always thought the love that I was going to feel that was unconditional was from the one who brought me in this world. You have given me this without question and without conditions.

You are me as much as I am you.

Your soul is always the yin to my yang.. and my soul is always the yang to your yin.  It is not that this day is anymore special than every day I get to have your love inside me and outside me. It is just that today because of you I know that I can leave you with a message outside of myself for you to find anytime you come across something you like to save.  You like to keep things that you wish to show our grandchildren, great grandchildren someday so this will be extra special cause they will see inside my heart inside of these words all the love that is out there for them to find.

This is for all the love that is out there that they will know is possible cause this will be placed inside of them from what we will share even past this physical world that we all reside in.  Because of your love I know the truth about myself and believe that I have been always able to accept even the things I didn’t love about me. Those parts to me are healed inside of the love we have and answers have come to even the questions I didn’t even know how to ask.

Life is continuous because of you, even though this existence is illusionary you have made it very much real inside of the places in me because of your continued quest to become the woman who I dreamed of and continue to see inside dreams.  You bring every dream that I didn’t have to me as though I am having that dream in this moment.

We have such a beautiful painting to show inside of the love we give to each other. So many scratch the surface yet they see the soul not finding a way to touch it. You have touched my a million times in a million different ways.

I am in soul with you my Lois, not as a mixture that floats but as a foundation of beyond love that brings me candles of endless wicks that light my soul.

You are my hero,

You are my savior,

You are my LOVE!


Clark J. Kent

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