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Hemlock Killing Spell Anyone?

Posted on the 21 April 2013 by Jamesswezey
Hemlock Killing Spell Anyone?So this long work week finally ended late last night after doing two family therapy sessions, and a mental health assessment. With all of that shortly said, it has so far been a relatively relaxing weekend. Last night I began watching the new Netflix original series called Hemlock Grove and well...it is interesting, although I didn't know what to expect, and wasn't aware that it was going to be supernatural but as soon as one of the main characters transformed into a wolf I figured it was going to be that way. Famke Jensen is the only good part of the show so far, but it has potential to be something good, but who knows. It certainly doesn't hold a candle to House of Cards but it does come across as slightly interesting. Also interestingly enough, many of the main characters are teenagers, yet the show is rated as mature, so I don't know who they're marketing to; it does have a "Vampire Diaries" feel to it. Well I did get some writing done, but it is going as slow as ever. You'd think that after a week I'd have more to say, but either I've forgotten or it was a rather slow week. From what I understand in the news, the individuals who were responsible for the Boston bombing have been captured and/or killed, but who knows how deep the rabbit hole goes. Organized terrorism rarely is simple, although sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Speaking of news, the Assad regime apparently used small amounts of chemical weapons against civilians and/or the resistance. There is the red line that Assad crossed that President Obama laid out, now it should be interesting to see what happens, and how many people he will allow to die without any intervention, or if he will finally green light America's involvement in Syria. North Korea is still belligerent as ever, and dangerous as well; I'm kind of wondering why no one is taking Kim Jong Eun seriously. There I go, yacking on about news and politics, when I am clearly supposed to be writing about writing and other such....stuff. In time I am hoping that my writing picks up more once I get more settled and organized into a day to day routine. That's it for now. Everyone take care, and have a rest of an excellent weekend.
Hemlock Grove Wolf Transformation (definitely the most unique I've ever seen)
Hemlock Grove Trailer

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