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Helping a Client Build a Work Wardrobe Capsule

By Bridgetteraes @BridgetteRaes
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A few weeks ago, a new client reached out for assistance in developing her wardrobe. I instantly felt a connection with her. She’s kind, funny, down-to-earth and definitely someone who called me at precisely the right time in her life. I have decided to give this client the alias Ms. Blossom because this is exactly what she is in the middle of, blossoming.

Ms. Blossom is a virtual client. She lives in North Carolina and someone I will likely never have the opportunity to meet in person, yet I felt an instant connection with her because of how open and personable she is. Ms. Blosom explained she is evolving in her profession and has a goal to elevate her wardrobe to match. In addition, not only is she blossoming in her career, I got the sense Ms. Blossom was allowing herself to blossom personally. This was confirmed when she sent me a photo of herself with a bold new hair color. Watching a client embrace their authenticity is one of the best parts of my job. I was really excited to help Ms. Blossom take some more steps forward and hopefully give her the confidence to really lean into her truth.

Ms. Blossom is a size 18, which, as you know, is part of a cusp size range that is one of the most ignored areas in women’s clothing sizes. It falls in this really tricky spot of not necessarily being plus-size but also being at the larger end of missy that most retailers don’t cater to, particularly in workwear. She got inspired when she saw my post about Mrs. Polished, who is also a cusp size, and realized that she didn’t have to sacrifice her style because of her size.

What Ms. Blossom was also very clear about was she her disinterest in shopping and fashion, or as she said in her intake questionnaire, “I’d rather stick hot pins in my eyes.” That made me chuckle. The truth is, Ms. Blossom is not alone with this sentiment. The way society portrays women’s favorite pastime as shopping, it’s not uncommon for a client to tell me they hate shopping and assume they are the only ones who feel this way. Ms. Blossom is in the majority, not the minority.

Ms. Blossom also craved ease. As she told me, “I want a lean, mean closet that mixes, matches and makes me breakfast!” You can now probably understand why I like Ms. Blossom so much. She’s a funny lady. I knew I had to distill down whatever I selected for Ms. Blossom in a way that was so user-friendly that she could put together outfits while wearing a blindfold.

Helping Ms. Blossom Build a Work Wardrobe Capsule

While the options may be limited for a woman in the 16/18 size range, I knew I would be able to not only help her find what she was looking for (thank God for MM. Lafleur’s beautifully fitting larger sizes) but choose capsule items that could easily mix-and-match. Like most clients, Ms. Blossom also told me she has major foot issues (who doesn’t, right?), including arthritis in her toes and the need for good arch support and cushioning. Her shoe struggle is real, so I tried my darndest to find shoes that were from comfort brands, gave her enough toe room and had heels that weren’t too high.

Ms. Blossom’s Wardrobe Selections

Here are all the selections I made for Ms. Blossom.

Helping a Client Build a Work Wardrobe Capsule
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Quick note: I suggested to Ms. Blossom she purchase either the ivy printed dress or the top, not both. I left it up to her to decide which she preferred.

Ms. Blossom’s Wardrobe Capsule

After making my selections, I took it a step further, something I had never done as extensively for a virtual client before, and illustrated to her just how many looks she could get from the capsule pieces I chose. Knowing all the pieces I selected up front would be beyond her initial spending budget, I wanted to show her how she could buy over time and slowly add things as her budget allowed. Finding Ms. Blossom a wardrobe that could make her breakfast might be an impossibility, but I’d like to think I came pretty close. With only 24 capsule pieces, I was able to create over 100 outfit options! Also note, there is only one black item in the bunch.

ms. blossom
ms. blossom

Ms. Blossom told me she was thrilled with the clothes she purchased in an email update she sent me. I was equally thrilled to hear this. Truly, Ms. Blossom is ready to take on the world! I can’t thank her enough for allowing me to share our journey together. Thank you, Ms. Blossom!!

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