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Helpful Tips to Calm Your Anger

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Helpful Tips to Calm Your Anger

Do you remember the last time that you were mad at someone? It might have been over a group project that you were working on, or even a professor because you didn’t get the grade that you know that you deserved. Anger is something that college students (and most everyone) deals with on a regular basis. If you have problems with your anger, or you just want some tips to help you not stay angry, keep reading.

1. Change your position. One of the fastest ways to change your mood, is by changing your posture. When were are in a bad mood, you are probably in a hunched position looking down. If you want to feel happier, just look up. By looking up, you will get to see the things around you. This will probably make you feel better.

2. Why are you angry? Ask yourself why you are angry. Sit down and analyze the root of your anger. You might find that you aren’t even mad about something that caused you to be angry. If you can sit down with yourself and find why you are angry, you will be able to fix your problem.

3. Eliminate negative words. Instead of saying things like, “I can’t”, say, that “you will try”. Don’t automatically set yourself up for failure. If you think that you can’t do it, why would you be able to do it? It doesn’t make any sense. Stay positive, even if the outlook is bleak.

4. Find your friends. When you are feeling angry, don’t stew in your own anger. It’s only going to make things worse. Instead, find your good friends and vent to them about your frustrations. You will feel a lot better about yourself if you can tell someone that you are angry.

5. Workout. When you are really angry, the best way to get over your anger is by exercising. You can punch out your rage on a punching bag or run until you have no anger left. Instead of being angry, you will get fit instead!

6. Breathe. If you are extremely angry, take a step back and just breathe. Count to 10 before you say anything, and take the time to relax. You will feel a lot better, and you will clam yourself down a whole lot.

If you are feeling angry, try these tips, you will feel better and you won’t be as angry.

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