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Helpful Hint of the Day: Don’t Piss Where You Rob

By Dplylemd

Here is your helpful hint for the day–don’t piss where you rob. It seems that a seven-year-old Swedish man didn’t get the message. He and his buddy broke into a bank and began emptying safe deposit boxes. They had a couple of partners outside with cell phones keeping tabs on the movements of the security guards. Sounds like a good plan. Unfortunately nature called and one of the thieves had to relieve himself and he did so in a plastic bag which he unwisely left behind.

Urine is simply a liquid that contains a lot of waste products, electrolytes, and other things of the body no longer needs. It doesn’t contain DNA. However, the cells that line the urinary tract do and these are picked up by the urine as it moves from the kidneys to the environment. The police were able to extract DNA from the urine sample the thief so helpfully left behind and were able to identify him in that manner.

Some stories just make you feel all warm and tingly. Excuse me, I’ve got to go hit the head.


Helpful Hint of the Day: Don’t Piss Where You Rob

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