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Help with My Carb Loading Toddler!

By Kmitrix @kmitrix
Help with my carb loading toddler!

Here’s the deal, folks: Harry used to eat everything, now all he wants is slices of white italian bread, waffles, Cheerios and fruit cups (diced pears/peaches). I put a sample of everything hubs & I eat on Harry’s tray at mealtimes, but there’s not much interest unless I “hide” food in the bread (thus, the baked bean sandwich is born).

I don’t want to go to BabyCenter and get asinine tips & tricks. I want in the trenches advice from you guys. You warriors of toddlerhood, parents of Tumblr!

Anything work or are we doing everything reasonable? (I’m not open to becoming a short order cook or making 17 ingredient recipes just to soothe junior’s palate)

Food suggestions for a 13month old with a mouthful of teeth?

I’m guessing this is probably normal, but you guys are so wise and smart and beautiful so I figured I’d reach out.

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