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HELP. I Keep Dreaming About the END OF THE WORLD.

By Selane @SummerEllenLane

HELP. I keep dreaming about the END OF THE WORLD.

Yours truly as a young survival enthusiast.
This was at the family cabin, my wilderness.

I will be the first person in the room to say that I do not want the end of the world to come anytime soon. I mean, look. I like my Netflix, I enjoy my electric blanket and I adore hot showers. Without them, I would be considerably grouchy and quite possibly, entirely intolerable. I like technology. My entire business is basically digital. So why do I keep having dreams about the end of the world? 
HELP. I keep dreaming about the END OF THE WORLD.
I BLAME MY BOOKS. I see no reason to beat around the bush here. I have been writing post-apocalyptic fiction at a rather frenetic pace for three years now, and I feel like I'm becoming more than just a closet prepper. I'm becoming a post-ap nerd. A survivalist enthusiast. Shows like The Walking Dead are like documentaries to me. I have a problem, ladies and gentlemen. The majority of the time, I close my eyes and night and dream about survival situations. Oops, are those ashes falling from the sky? I wake up in the middle of the night and am gripped by a sudden urge to throw my belongings into a backpack and squirrel away supplies in a hidden compartment in the floor. 


It's all about staying alive. While I'm clearly exaggerating here (or am I?), I have been fascinated with survival stories since an extremely young age. I noticed my fascination with the subject when I was about six years old, refusing to come inside and claiming that the sand-dollar tree in my backyard was my new abode. Forget oatmeal and scrambled eggs. Mud pies would just have to suffice. 

HELP. I keep dreaming about the END OF THE WORLD.

Always hiking. Exploring.
Notice the survival backpack.
Just saying.

It's really not a huge surprise to me that I ended up writing post-apocalyptic fiction in high school. As an adult, writing it professionally has been an incredibly insightful journey, and I find myself driving down the street some days, thinking to myself, What if it all ended right now? What would I do? 

Depressing? Yeah, a little. But accurate. Let's face it: we're all a bit fascinated with the "what if" questions of life. For myself, being inundated with end-of-the-world facts and fiction has sunk so deep into my brain, it will probably take a lifetime to stop dreaming about it. But you know what? I'm okay with that, because it's one of the story premises that I love. It's my absolute favorite. So excuse me while I work on my tenth post-apocalyptic book...happy reading. And remember: be prepared for ANYTHING. 
HELP. I keep dreaming about the END OF THE WORLD.

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