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Help for Your Stinky Dog

By David13676 @dogspired

Help for Your Stinky DogWe love our dogs and want to be close to them, so when they smell bad we need to find out if the foul odor has an underlying cause that needs to be addressed.

AKC Family Dog magazine explains the most common causes of canine odor and offers these tips to help keep your dog healthy, clean, and comfortable.

- Ears: Terrible odors can come from your dog’s ears. If they stink or smell yeasty, chances are your dog has a yeast or bacterial infection and needs an antibiotic. See your veterinarian.

- Skin: Yeast and bacteria accumulating on your dog’s skin is a common cause of an overall unpleasant odor. Your best bet to solving this smelly problem is to keep your dog clean. Regularly bathe him (every week or two). Use a gentle, moisturizing shampoo, and make sure to scrub to the skin. Thoroughly clean between wrinkles and paw pads, since yeast and bacteria thrive in these dark and sometimes dirty places. Rinsing very well is also key.

- Coat: If your dog is clean yet still smells bad, the cause may be improper drying. This is common in double-coated breeds. A layer of moisture lingers under the topcoat and gets rancid, not only causing odor, but it can also lead to skin problems if left unchecked. After drying your dog make sure you can run a comb through his entire coat, all the way down to the skin. This will allow his skin to breathe and the coat to dry completely. You can also use a blow dryer to eliminate dampness. If using a human blow dryer, make sure it is set to cool since they can become too hot for dogs.

Now that your dog smells great, let him romp!

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