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Help a Sister Out! Give Guidance.

By Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

Post image for Help a Sister Out!  Give Guidance. How many times have you overheard the new chick or dude near you make a complete bonehead comment?  On the phone, to a client, to a peer – it happens.  Typically, we roll our eyes and get back to doing our jobs.  What we don’t realize is by simply turning around for 1 minute, suggesting a BETTER way for the new guy to get the job done, we are helping them in a HUGE way and improving our own coaching skills.

Remember when you just started your job?  There was that one person who gave you a special piece of advice and it just stuck until this day. YOU are that person to leave a lasting impact on those with less experience.

So, next time your fresh, clueless pal next door CLEARLY needs guidance, help a sister (or brother) out!  Become the legacy by passing along the “wish you would have known sooner” crucial information about the job. 

Bonus – your good deed will make you feel good!


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