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Hello, My Name is Danika...

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
and I pick my neighbor's trash.   I was gonna get all romantic about it, and try to put a pretty spin on it by naming this post "Roadside Attraction" or something cute- but lets be real.  This is what I found today.  Check out the amazing lines on this baby: Hello, my name is Danika... I couldn't resist.   She just needs new upholstery. I really like the cream pleather and I might just replace it with a faux cream ostrich.  There was also a great bergere chair across the street in need of some love, but I made a pact with myself and my husband that I will only hoard what I will use and love. Hello, my name is Danika...  In other news, its gonna be another unreal 80 degree day here. I am determined to get out later and finish cleaning these up...
Hello, my name is Danika...  The porch floor is getting power washed, mosquito netting curtains getting washed ... Hello, my name is Danika...  as is all the furniture... Hello, my name is Danika... Also, Cheryle gets mad at me for always sneaking peeks (as do many of you because I sneak them a bit too far in advance and make you wait)- but whatever. I'm impatient.
This prototype came back. There are two more that are way cooler arriving tomorrow... Hello, my name is Danika... and these quatrefoils will be on the O'verlays site today or tomorrow. Depends on if I actually blow off work and get sucked into the 80 degree vortex. Please forgive me if I do. Hello, my name is Danika... Happy heatwave Northeast!

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