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Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude

By Tamera Beardsley @tamerabeardsley
Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude
Happy New Week my friends!
I'm back with a list of gratitudes from my week.
I think these posts are so important.They force me to slow down enough to reflect on my weeksometimes with surprising results.
Like todayI woke up in kind of a funk.The feeling that no matter what I doI don't feel accomplishedbecause there are so many things still undone.
I realized once againhow powerful our internal narrative is to ourown happiness.
.It's actually time to take a deep breathand regroup and refocuson all the good and beautiful in my life.
To focus intently onGratitude.
To continue to write a fresh new narrative.And Believe it.
Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude
A highlight of my weekwas definitelykayacking with dear friendsandhaving the good fortune to be out on the oceanat the same time as a procession of tall shipsthat were in town for the festival!
Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude
Adding a bit of bubblymakes it a sublime memory to be sure!A moment of bliss I press deep into my heartnever to be forgotten!
Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude
I have been putting a lot of my time intogetting my house in orderliterally.
From the outside gardensto all my closetsand fluffing my sweet vignettes!
Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude
My backyard chives are bloomingand made for the sweetest floral centerpiece addition.
Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude
Our backyard has been getting plenty of love and care also!
Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude
Jeff and I have been spending our weekends doing somemajor projects in the gardensas well as freshening up our planters.
It feels very calming to get things in orderI suppose because for so long everything has felt so chaotic.It feels good to have some areas in life controlled.
Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude
Another highlight was celebrating the birthday of a dear friendwith a backyard barbeque!
Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude
We even redid my photo backdrop for the occasion!
Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude
And of course there were plenty of Crowns to go around for some fun pictures!
Thank you for visiting and reading here.I so appreciate it!
Here's to Gratitudefor a beautifulNew Week!
What were you most Grateful for last week?
I'd love to know!
Hello Monday ... Hello Gratitude
As always my friends

I wish you love and joyas you style your life

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