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Hello Libby and Winston

Posted on the 03 January 2019 by Seliharris @seliharris
Hello Libby and WinstonHello Libby and Winston We're both cat lovers on the homestead and we knew it wasn't going to be long before we had a couple of kittens running around. We were anxious to add some fury friends to the family since getting here really, but we waited until we were more settled in before doing so. We knew we were going to adopt two at the same time, as we wanted them to grow together and always have a friend around. Plus, neither myself nor Allison has ever experienced two kittens of similar ages growing up together, and thought it would be super fun. By the end of November, we had them.
Our wonderful kitties came from a great place called Keeping Cats Homed which rescues kittens and finds them homes. In browsing their website one day, Allison noticed a few cuties that were exactly what we both desired. When we were previously discussing the idea, Allison expressed that she was keen on getting a ginger boy, while I was partial to an all black kitty - I always wanted a black cat, to go with the whole born on Friday the 13th thing perhaps. When we saw both options while browsing, just days apart in age, we immediately jumped at the chance to adopt. After some formalities were finalized, we were the proud humans to two beautiful darlings, who we named Libby and Winston. Libby is the black beauty female - turned out she has the cutest little white patch on her neck - and Winston is that ginger boy Allison wanted. Both have such awesome and distinct personalities, and we love them so much. They did have a rough start, both having a bit of a kitty cold, but we got some meds in them and now they are both doing great. They still have little sneezing fits now and then - super cute by the way - but for the most part they are healthy and having a great time. And we're having a great time too. They are very welcome additions to our home, two sweethearts we'll love forever.
Welcome to the homestead Libby and Winston!

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