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Hello Holly Style

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
It took us a while to put the pieces together, but we've come to realize that every time we say hello Holly has an immediate reaction. She runs to the door and starts barking like someone is about to invade her home.
It's hysterical.
The girls play with her now. Tonight they were sitting in the kitchen saying hello in crazy voices. No matter how they said it Holly had the same reaction.
She runs to the front door, barking like an intruder is about to attack. When she realizes no one is at the front door, she runs to the back patio door, pushing her face through the sheers. She paces the family room near the patio doors until she realizes no one is there.
The girls did this a few times before I told them it was mean. Holly trusts them completely. When they say hello she thinks they are greeting someone.
Now she starts barking like crazy whenever we answer the phone. Hello always brings the same reaction. While we think it's funny, the people I work with aren't as amused. I've started saying hello before I get on a conference call just to let her bark before the call starts.
I don't know if we'll be able to change Holly's reaction to hello and part of me doesn't know if we want to.

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