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Hello Gratitude

By Tamera Beardsley @tamerabeardsley
Hello Gratitude Now that  the holidays are  officially behind meI am back to my normal schedule.So it is  once again time for some

These are some of my favorite posts to do 
because I  believe we become what we think of mostand actively practicing gratitude

has changed my lifeeven during difficult times.
Because …
Hello Gratitude
So here is what I'm grateful this week ….
First off, our weather here in Southern California
has been spectacular!
Hello GratitudeI am very grateful this week to have gotten to see more of LA.This weekend Jeff and I had to make a run to LAfor supplies for my upcoming collectionso we made a point of exploring some new areas in downtown on foot.
Hello GratitudeIf you are ever in LA
The Disney Concert Hallis a must see, especially on a sunny daywhen the sun's movementturns it into a morphing sculpturealways changing with the light…and
 there is even more beauty to be found inside.
Hello GratitudeMy tip for cocktails in Downtown LA
would have to be
 The Perch
which is located 13 floors above LASo sitting out on the patio at sunsetis the perfect way to see LAredress herself in sparkly night lights.
Hello GratitudeI am so very grateful for our blogging communityand was so very excited to seethe beautifulCatherine of Not Dressed as Lamb

do such a fabulous roundup of 40+ bloggers!To see age celebrated just makes my heart sing!You can check out this fabulous post HERE.
Hello GratitudeI am so very grateful to this whole blogging experiencefor it has truly changed my lifeand
 reignited passionsI thought I was too old for …and
 now I know we never out grow being passionate about lifefor it is always unfoldingwe just have to train ourselves to focus on it's beauty and the gifts that come with age.
I came up with the idea for a series
Write the Blog You Want to ReadBecause it Will Help You Find the Life You Want to Live

over a year agoand am now going to once again write on itbeginning this week.Because Now I know it is Trueand it  really works 

because ...
Hello Gratitude
I once again have my designing Mojo backand
 there was definitelya time I thought I would never find my way back …but I didand
 it was blogging that got me here.
So for any of you out there that are even contemplating bloggingfollow along with this series.
I always tell people I feel like a blog evangelistbecause I think everyone can benefit from bloggingbecause we all have our own story to share!
Hello Gratitude
Lastly I am so excited this weekto be throwing a pretty pink  birthday partyfor my darling daughter
who turns 22 on Saturday
and is coming home to celebrate her birthday!There is much preparation in the works, pulling pieces and
writing party prep lists.
Hello Gratitude

as always my dear friends
I wish you love and joy as you style your lifeand 
find your own gratitudes.

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