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Hello Gratitude

By Tamera Beardsley @tamerabeardsley
Hello Gratitude
In these days that can feel so uncertainI have doubled down in my practice of Intentional Gratitude
Being open to all of The Meaningful MomentsI can findand Pushing them deep into my Heartto keep foreverand pull upwhen I need reminding.

Nothing fills my heart likespending time with Family Like this moment here.
 Hello Gratitude
Jeff and I have been spending much timethe last few monthsupgrading our backyard.
One of the projects was redoing some rock bordersand putting in a large new rockthat can be used as a seat.
Around it I created our own littlesuburban pumpkin patchall with the hopes of seeing our darling grand daughter sit there.
It was a project and goalthat kept me focusedon good things to comeduringsome very sad months after my Dad's death.
Hello Gratitude
So these adorable picturesme so much to me.
I tell this story to remind myselfto focus on what I can control.
To focus onthe good in life.

To focus on the magic of creativity.
To focus on the love of familyand friends!
Hello Gratitude
I was afraid this year at Thanksgiving I would be overwhelmed with sadnessas it was the first time without my dad.
So I worked extra hard onGratitude.
I get up extra early these mornings to make my listof things I'm Grateful for.
Hello Gratitude
And the more I can 
focus on Gratitudethere is less room for the fear and loss.
I still wake up in a panic most morningsfor so many reasons.
Hello Gratitude
So it literally takes mequite a bit of time some mornings to reset my mindto be a magnetto findJoy and Beautyeverywhere I can.
Hello Gratitude
For me Creating Beautyis Cathartic
Hello Gratitude
Creating Beautyto be shared with those I lovealways one of the best!
Hello Gratitude
To Celebratethe Love of Familythose here nowand those that have passed on.
Hello Gratitude
To continue to fosterthe Legacy of Family Love.
Hello Gratitude
To focus on all ofthe Great things in Lifeespecially when things can feel uncertain.
I want to fill up my heart with so much Gratitude and Joythat there is little roomfor fear and sadness.
Hello Gratitude
I am at an age where I can feel my mortalityespecially with both of my parents gone.
I literallywant to make each moment count.I want to wake up in the morningand think what good in the worldcan I do today.
Where can I spread love.
When my time to go is hereI want to knowI used my time to the best of my ability.
I want to foster a legacy of Love.
Hello Gratitude
 I want to truly savor beautiful moments.
To focus onBeauty and blessings.
Hello Gratitude
Because there are so many  things in my lifethat I am extremely Grateful for.
Hello Gratitude
I want to be at peace with sadness and loss.and to dig all the deeper to find Beauty and joyevery single day.
To replace with daily fearswith Intentional Gratitude.
I write this post todayto remind myself
Life is Good.
We can control how we decide to see the world.
Intentional Gratitudecan be Life Changing.
That Loveis the answerto so many questions.
Hello Gratitude

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy

as you style your life

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