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Hello Again

By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
In the three and a half years that I've been blogging, I've met a seemingly endless number of fellow bloggers. It's crazy, really, how many strangers I've connected with through the internet. Some have been brief acquaintances, others, lifelong friends. I'm grateful for each one... and being as I met quite a few new faces this past weekend, I thought I'd briefly introduce myself :). hello again This photo was taken around the time I started blogging. I was 19, a sophomore at Syracuse University, and I was helping a friend with her advertising project. Today, I'm 23. I've lived abroad in Ecuador, Chile, and France. I've graduated from college with degrees in Magazine Journalism and Modern Foreign Language. I've road-tripped across the country all by myself. Right now I'm living in New York City, working at a wellness website, traveling and exploring whenever I can. For more about my background and passions, please read who's danielle? hello again And now I'd like to invite you to either become more familiar with my blog, or, reminisce with me on its evolution. My 7 Links (thanks again for the tag, Sofia!) Most Beautiful: Free Most Popular: Disorderly Conduct Most Controversial: One of these things is not like the Other Most Helpful: Over Wednesday Wine Most Surprising Success: Tales from an Imperfect Perfectionist Most Deserving of More Attention: Eureka! The New Way to Set Goals as Twentysomethings in the 21st Century Most Proud Of: Al Tiro

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